ShortenURL custom component for LiveCycle ES

While creating a new LiveCycle demo recently I came across an issue where I wanted to pass a URL of a document via Twitter. The process was storing a PDF document into LiveCycle Content Services, obtaining the URL, then notifying people about the new document via Twitter.

I took a look at the APIs for and after a quick bit of Googling I came across Peter Mularien’s tutorial on URL Shortening in Java using About thirty minutes later I had an Eclipse project setup, a account & developer GUID, and had written the component XML describing the properties to expose to LiveCycle. For more detail on that process check out this article:Extending LiveCycle ES software through custom DSC development – Part 1: Create a basic service component

btw – thanks to Gareth Faulkner from Adobe Australia for some debugging assistance!

The result is this new reusable component for LiveCycle!  All you need to do is provide

  • LongURL
  • Login
  • Bit.lyAPI Key

Download the ShortURL component for Adobe LiveCycle ES

Let me know if and how you use it!

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