CS5.5 + PhoneGap + iOS5

PhoneGap was brought into the Adobe family recently via Adobe’s acquisition of Nitobi. If you haven’t yet heard of PhoneGap, its an open source library / framework that allows you to compile HTML+JS+CSS into native applications. Cool! Even before the acquisition, the Dreamweaver team had included the ability to compile to iOS & Android using CS5.5

I’ve been spending some time exploring the capabilities and ran into an issue some other users have been reporting. I recently installed Dreamweaver CS5.5 on a new Mac with XCode 4.2.1 with iOS5 support and was disappointed to see that I was unable to build an app for iPad or iPhone. Every time I tried this Dreamweaver served up an error when I tried to compile the app.

Its due to to a conflict between the PhoneGap library shipped with Dreamweaver, and an update to the camera classes in XCode. The good news is that there is a quick fix! I’ve since found out that the Dreamweaver team are working on a solution to this issue, but in the meantime the following steps will get things working for you..

Basically all you need to do is hack this file..

/Applications/Adobe Dreamweaver CS5.5/Configuration/NativeAppFramework/..

replace the CameraPicker class with the following code…

@interface CameraPicker : UIImagePickerController
        NSString* successCallback;
        NSString* errorCallback;
        NSInteger quality;
        NSString* postUrl;
        enum DestinationType;
    enum returnType;

Next delete the folder in this location;


then restart Dreamweaver

Things should work as planned now!

thanks to Y Terenze in Google Groups who initially worked this out.

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