Episode 11 – Integrating AEM Cloud Manager Workflows

Episode 11 - Integrating AEM Cloud Manager Workflows

Adobe Cloud Manager provides a simple, yet robust solution that allows easy management, introspect and self-service of AEM environments.

Zoran returns to discuss and demo some useful integrations to your CI/CD workflow.

Topics Include

– Using GitHub Actions to sync remote repositories
– Get Pipeline notifications via Slack
– Integrating Jenkins with Cloud Manager workflows
– New features in Cloud Manager
– Use a Raspberry Pi to visually indicate environment status

Special Guest:

Zoran Nikolovski

Adobe Show Links:

New Features in Cloud Manager (for AEM Cloud Service) https://experienceleague.adobe.com/do…

Cloud Manager meets Jenkins https://tech.cognifide.com/blog/2020/…

Example GitHub Action https://github.com/markszulc/securban…

IoT Cloud Manager Project Raspberry Pi Zero & Unicorn pHat https://www.raspberrypi.org/products/…

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