Adobe Summit 2019 LAB

Lab 729 – Enhancing Voice and Chat Experiences with Personalized Dynamic Content

This is a placeholder page until the completion of the lab. Additional resources will be posted here.

n this lab you will learn how to provide Content Authors & Marketers greater input & control over the experiences delivered to consumers who interact with Chat Bots (eg Microsoft Bot Framework) and Voice Based Experiences (e.g. Amazon Alexa)

First you will experience an example of personalized content within a live Chatbot, and run a basic generic bot.

You will then create and reuse content from Adobe Experience Manager within the Bot using Content Fragments & Experience Fragments via standard Content Services APIs

Finally, you will also use Adobe Target to provide an optimized and personalized experience

Key Takeaways

  • Being able to managing voice & chat content with AEM Content Fragments as part of a multi-channel workflow.
  • Find & deliver relevant content in the right size, shape and format using AEM Experience Fragments & Dynamic Media / Smart Crop with Sensei.
  • Add new content and interactions without writing code.
  • Optimizing and personalizing chat and voice content using Adobe Target


  • Adobe Experience Manager 6.5
  • Adobe Target (Lesson 5 only)
  • Microsoft Visual Studio Code (or your favourite code editor)
  • Microsoft Bot Framework Emulator