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Join Mark Szulc and Special Guests live to discuss the latest topics related to Building Fantastic Customer Experiences using Adobe Experience Cloud. It’ll be technical, we might even show code, but if you are in a team tasked with building customer experiences then “hopefully” it’ll be fun and worth watching!

Next Episode – Managing SPA (Single Page Apps) with AEM coming August 11th!

Episode #9 – Managing SPA (Single Page Apps) with AEM

Special Guests:

Danny Gordon – Adobe
Zoran Nikolovski – Adobe


SPAs built with React & Angular are a common part of the customer journey, however we often overlook how to manage the content and keep it fresh. Guests Danny & Zoran return to share their wisdom and the latest methods to get SPA & AEM humming.

Topics include;

  • AEM SPA Editor
  • Server Side Rendering

Scheduled Date: August 11th

  • Sydney – 11am
  • Singapore – 9am
  • Mumbai -6.30am
  • London – 2am – Sorry!
  • New York – 9pm (July 6th)
  • San Francisco – 6pm (July 6th)

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  • Additional August shows announced soon!

Future Topics being planned

  • AEM Cloud Manager
  • Asset workflows with Creative Cloud
  • Adobe Launch
  • Digital Signage & AEM Screens
  • Chatbots

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