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August 18, 2010 / / Adobe

Logo for Livecycle Collaboration ServicesThe LiveCycle Collaboration Service (nee Cocomo) team have been hard at work and have just announced their latest set of capabilities including screensharing, record & playback and a new javascript sdk. If you are new to LCCS, its a great service that is part of the LiveCycle family and allows Flash, Flex and now HTML developers to build collaborative features such as text chat, audio / video and application control sharing right into their own applications.

This release extends the goal of the LiveCycle Enterprise Suite to enhance intuitive application experiences with the backend integration and collaboration features needed for enterprise apps to come to life and actually enrich rather than hinder the users ability to get their task done.

Screensharing is cool and has so many uses. We already have customers deploying this into customer care environments. Imagine being able to log a support call and after granting permission to the customer service rep start a screen sharing session right in the application. Much more engaging, faster issue resolution time, and far more convenient than having the user navigate to seperate screensharing technology. I can en

ge Record & Playback being used for tutorial work, archiving interactive sessions for compliance reasons among others.