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November 12, 2012 / / Adobe

Picture of an iPhone5 in Adobe CQ5With the launch of the latest iPhone 5 and its larger screen size, I’ve created a new Adobe CQ5 emulator that allows Content Authors / Producers to preview how their content is displayed.

If you haven’t seen the Mobile Emulators in CQ5 before, the intent is to show the author how content will look on different devices, using groups such as Feature Phone, Smart Phone, Touch Phone etc. You can create your own groups and then use the device detection capabilities to route a device to the content optimized for the device capabilities.

October 25, 2010 / / Adobe
March 15, 2010 / / Adobe

Pictures of Connect Pro Mobile for iPhoneAdobe recently released the Acrobat Connect Pro Mobile client for iPhone, allowing you easy access to Connect meeting rooms while on the go. This is the fourth iPhone app released by Adobe, with iPhone clients for Photoshop.com, Acrobat.com & LiveCycle ES already in the wild.

With this release you can connect to a meeting room, view the camera pod, view content shared from other peoples screens, and even participate in a two way chat in real time.

Since this app was built with the upcoming version of Flash Professional that has support for building iPhone apps with Flash, the same app should soon appear on other smart phones as well!

January 17, 2010 / / Acrobat

In November I wrote about “must see” Acrobat.com improvements made by Adobe to its free online collaboration service.  In the press release about the latest version there was mention of work done by scanR to bring mobile integration to Acrobat.com users. This release for iPhone is now live on the iTunes app store.

So why use Acrobat.com on your iPhone?

The Acrobat.com mobile by scanR site explains the following workflows;

Work from anywhere – Access Acrobat.com files from your mobile phone, and easily share them with others as a link instead of a bulky e-mail attachment.