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If you’re like me, or other knowledge workers who work with documents, you most likely have hundreds, if not thousands of PDFs stashed away in folders on your computer. As much as I love Windows 7 , I was surprised to find out recently that the integrated search does not index PDF content!  Turns out that there is an easy fix from Adobe. Good news!

Adobe bundles an extension for Microsoft’s iFilter with Acrobat 9 and the free Reader 9, however 64bit users will need an additional download.

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Today I ran a live eSeminar introducing LiveCycle Designer ES2. In this session I covered how to build forms from scratch, included some tips and tricks along the way and included some of the latest features available in the latest Designer ES2 release.

The session was recorded and includes over 45 minutes of me demonstrating how to build a complete form from scratch. The recording is here;

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In November I wrote about “must see” Acrobat.com improvements made by Adobe to its free online collaboration service.  In the press release about the latest version there was mention of work done by scanR to bring mobile integration to Acrobat.com users. This release for iPhone is now live on the iTunes app store.

So why use Acrobat.com on your iPhone?

The Acrobat.com mobile by scanR site explains the following workflows;

Work from anywhere – Access Acrobat.com files from your mobile phone, and easily share them with others as a link instead of a bulky e-mail attachment.

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Certification Bar within Adobe Acrobat & ReaderI’ve been getting a few laughs lately at presentations when I show this PDF supposedly from the US Congress claiming (on page 20) that budget is being set aside “to further the mission to capture and hold all the territories currently known as New Zealand and Australia “. I joke with the audience that obviously this is not a real document or we’re all in a lot of trouble, but the real point is

How would you know if the document is real or not?

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